• The Staff of Uhr

    cover  small.pngA seed of The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, fertilized by Odin, grew in an ice player until the day Uhr steps out to experience the energy of the 25 runes.

    The three Norns, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, become his companions, also mothers to his three daughters.

    Uhr experiences through the runes, the four elements 'power fire, water, earth, and air through experiences that become the individuals' personal and spiritual development.

    Uhr meets his own shadow, travels to Asgard, creates Midgard. By his side are Lupus, Hugin, and Munin through the runes' experiences passion and magic, good and evil, love and death.

    From the beginning, there was nothing, but nothing was even that which was everything, just not yet experienced. The word without language, all that can be created but at the same time ends.

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  • Rune Magic

    runemagicbook  small.pngThere is ancient magic with the energy from runes. 

    Each letter indicates energy, which can be an individual, an animal, an event, life and death, possessions, fears, and happiness.

    25 runes that contain knowledge about different phases of life.
    You can see your life, past, and future in these runes if you understand what each letter has for energy. By understanding, interpreting, working with the runes, you will be initiated in this ancient knowledge.

    The text in this book is not after the futhark or utharken, instead of by the author's own guiding knowledge of the meaning of the creation of the runes from the beginning with Issaz to the empty or full rune.

    In this text, you will find the meaning of the rune sign, how to create magic with each rune, opposite pole runes, what the rune shows in your life; in it, you can find guidance (energy reading). Each rune is also interpreted to the different elements - fire, water, earth, air, and void.

    You will also learn how to use the runes in rune magic; each rune is a frequency that can strengthen your needs for your whole.

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  • Journal for your daily runes

    blackjournal.pngDo you interpret runes?
    Then this is the journal for you, in it, you can start whenever, you find week by week with day by day, where you can draw the runes you received of the Element Spread in this book. The book begins on the day you enter your first interpretation. There are five blank boxes for you to draw your runes; note next to them.

    Five runes for a day, one rune for your activities, actions, one rune for your emotional experiences and development. A rune for security, material, and economy. A rune for you, your health, your personal development, and a rune for your spirituality, but also what is the most important energy.

    You will also find text at the end of the book for each rune in those areas, a conclusion, an interpretation, and what it means that you got those particular runes.

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