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Advent - Rune Magic course

Advent - Rune Magic course
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Do you want to use your Viking power, the knowledge that you had once? There's a reason that you read this, maybe it's your calling?

Join me to become a Rune Magician, to use the runes for magic and readings.
You will get some basic text and a text of each rune on a page, some videos, questions, and answers.

You will also get to read (online) my book " The staff of Uhr", Uhr, the first rune magician after Ragnarok creates the runes from Issaz till Voidiz (the full rune). Each chapter is a lesson for each rune, but it's also a book that you can read as a magic novel.

With these lessons, you can learn each rune to develop your knowledge of them. For each rune, you will find a simple description, just common facts in a way I like to encourage you to understand the basics of each rune. You can read about their meaning for each direction; East, South, West, and North and also the void, in that you will also have the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and ether. That is also the spread we are going to use to read the runes.

You can study at your own pace, all the text, PDFs, questions and answers, and videos are on their own profile on this site but we will in the zoom meetings go through five runes each time.

Take a look at Issaz, the first rune, each rune has a page like this >>>

On this page, you can watch me present the course and read the first chapter of Issaz >>>

The price for the course is 120 euro
You can also pay through Paypal to

You will have access to the material as long as you're a member at (included, if you're not logged in for over a year your profile will be deleted).