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Chakra and colors, self study

Chakra and colors, self study
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Curious about how you can create color magic in your life?
What do the colors mean?
What energy affects each chakra?

For each chakra and color, there are basic texts, exercises, theory, and practice.
The course is in a separate group, where only you who are part of the course have access to the material.

This is the self-study course, that is, without web meetings. Everything is on the video explained how to get started. There are ten parts, you start with basic texts, then the following parts. In them you read the texts, answer the questions (which you download in Word documents) then you can see the answers in a PDF or watch the film where I explain the answers. 

Part 1 Base chakra - red energy
Part 2 Navel chakra - orange Energy
Part 3 Solar plexus chakra - yellow energy
Part 4 Heart Chakra - Green Energy
Part 5 Throat chakra - blue energy
Part 6-7 Third Eye and Crown chakra - indigo and purple energy
Part 8-9 Neck and Thymus Chakra - magenta and turquoise Energy
Part 10 Star Chakra - pink Energy.

You can also read about crystals as a supplement to the colors.

If you send me the last assignment, you will receive a certificate that you have completed the course.

Visit my page for chakras and colors >>>

Pay by card on this page Stripe.
Price 170 euro = $185

Paypal to
Revolut +46 73 063 1657

Information: When you have booked the course you like to participate in you will get a link to the course profile. All material except zoom meetings will be able for you as long as you have a profile.