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Aura and color education

Aura and color education
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We will go through all the colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, magenta (burgundy), turquoise, pink, black, white, and gray.

You will learn all the chakras' basics (and more), base, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, neck, thymus, and star chakra.

You will learn the aura fields, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

You will learn more about 80 crystals in combination with chakras and colors.

You will learn more about energy threads.

You will learn to see, feel the aura with chakras, paint it down, interpret.

You will also learn to interpret the aura for horses, dogs, and cats.

We meet in a web meeting for the whole group every other week where we go through what is relevant for each session; you get information, we have a personal meeting between each group meeting.

The course contains solid material in texts, audio files, films.

We will use the Yiang cards (you get a deck in English).

Our frequencies, colors are what the soul is created of; through all materials, personal encounters, you will understand your energies; for me, the aura is equal to your soul. If you see your patterns, you can change them, improve (create color magic). You understand more of your energies but also others.

This course is for you who personally want to develop spiritually and personally, but also for you who want to inspire others through guidance. If you're going to work with this, you do a final certification test and can choose to use my material via the internet or in book form for a small amount.

The course is over 11 meetings, from 5/1 to 9/25. Every other Sunday at 1 pm (2-3 hours).
5/1, 5/15, 29/5, 6/12, 7/3, 7/17, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28, 9/11, 9/25

You and I have a personal meeting before starting the course where you also get your aura with chakras interpreted to have as a basic template for you during the training. At your sessions, we review tasks and your development.

We have your meeting the week before a web meeting (one-to-one). Everything is recorded, available on the course profile on your personal page.

You book your place by full payment or for the first month.

You can choose to pay, book the entire amount (2100 euro) discount 
Or you can pay per month after the first payment of 450 euro (May, June, July, August, September) 320 euro before the 28th of each month. When you pay your first payment (full or per month), you get access to the self-study course of Chakras and colors. That will be an excellent start for you.

You can read more on my site

I use Stripe, one of the leading card payment companies; the site is https secure.

You can also pay via Paypal, click on the shopping cart, click on the PayPal symbol, follow the instructions.
Or send via PayPal to email

You can also pay via international transfer as I have Spanish bank.
Sabadell IBAN ES8600811116590001541856

Information: When you have booked the course you like to participate in you will get a link to the course profile. All material except zoom meetings will be able for you as long as you have a profile.